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Look what flew by the shop yesterday.

by Dave on September 22, 2012

How lucky were we to be directly under the flight path of the space shuttle Endeavour? It dropped down from the mountains above Santa Cruz, then banked a slow, lazy turn over the Beach Boardwalk and headed south across Monterey Bay.

If you follow the news, you’d think America was a land of vitriol and intransigence. The Endeavour is a great example of what we’re really about. Give an American the challenge of getting from here to there and he’ll build you a solution that’s fast, powerful, and cool. Think P-51. Think nuclear sub. Think Bonneville streamliner. The Endeavour Team built what has to be the ultimate hot rod; the fly-over was a genuine proud-to-be-an-American moment.

Props to my daughter Suzanne for the photo. I just stood there like a dummy with a huge grin on my face.


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