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’34 Ford Coupe: Details Part V

by Dave on February 27, 2012

If you’ve been following the build on Bill Evans’ coupe, you saw in our last post that we’d progressed into the trunk area with fabrication of the trunk’s aluminum side and rear panels. The cockpit of the car, originally designed by Chip Foose, features broad, swooping expanses of brushed aluminum, trimmed with leather inserts. (You’ll find several photos of the interior metalwork here). The same motif carries into the trunk. Follow along  as Gary hammers out and welds up these panels.

The body of the car is vintage fiberglass from Poliform and is, as you can see from our earlier posts, heavily modified. Unfortunately, much of the work was left rough. It’s taken a good deal of labor and a lot of itching but the aluminum-to-fiberglass fit is coming together.

Although not nearly as photogenic, we’ve made a lot of progress on the wiring, too. We’re close to conquering the snake farm that energizes the coupe’s audio visual system/computers/back-up camera/GPS/remote controls/etc, etc. Check back in, we’ll keep you posted.

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