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’38 Ford Woodie

by Dave on January 14, 2011

Look what we found in the Santa Cruz mountains. I’d seen this woodie before, in the mid-80’s, on a used car lot just off Highway One. It sat there, out in the weather, for nearly a year. The guy wanted way too much money for it, and one day it just vanished…

Looking good from 25 feet, closer inspection revealed rough wood and some half-assed repairs, including this ugly butt-joint patch.
Out came the chassis. It’s going to need some attention before the IFS and rear parallel leaves go in.
Meanwhile, we built a small block: bored .030 over, RV cam, headers, HEI, Edelbrock carb and manifold — plenty of grunt to get the ol’ crate down the road.

Back from the spray booth, it’s time to visit the wood shop
Ashland Woodworks used as much of the original wood structure as possible, expertly blending the new and old lumber.
Back to the shop for final assembly. We took the long way down Coast Highway, that’s where this car belongs.
Ready to go to the trim shop.
Sid Chavers did the seats, carpets and top, the dash was woodgrained by Craig Clemmons.

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