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’28 Ford Roadster Pick-Up

by Dave on January 16, 2011

'28 RPU -- Dreaming

This ’28 Model A pick-up lived a pampered life pulling an orchard spray rig in California’s Great Central Valley. The cowl post tops had been hacked off to remove the windshield and a massive trailer hitch had been welded to the cross bracing in the bed, but otherwise, the sheet metal was in great shape…

Clean new tinAfter media blasting and some etching primer, the tin looked like it came from Brookville.
Deuce Chassis

The body, a 322 Buick Nailhead, a 4-speed toploader, a ’40 steering box, a Mor-Drop axle and ’34 wishbones, and a narrowed ’57 Ford 9 inch all went up to Roy Brizio’s where Jack Stratton jigged up a boxed and pinched Deuce chassis.

When you rake a Model A, the windshield posts begin to lean forward. These old folding accessory posts solve the problem. Hard to find but worth the search, they were actually designed to fold forward – but if you swap the uprights side-to-side, you can set ‘em at a rakish angle.

Last mock-up before paint.

Back from the spray booth. A lot of head-scratchin’ went into the firewall. Roadster pick-ups are short on leg room, my goal was to preserve as much cockpit space as possible.

The mid-60’s Ford 4-Speed Toploader fits under the flat floorboards, but the Hurst shifter needed a good dogleg to clear my leg. Throttle linkage is a combination of ’34 and ’38 Ford, flipped to mount inside the cab.

The bed slats were milled out of Purple Heart, an Indonesian wood that’s inexpensive and bulletproof.

Master cylinder is International truck. Brakes are Lincoln from Wilson Welding, drums are Buick, headlights are B-L-C.

A lot of effort went into preserving Ford’s original proportions. With the firewall mods, the Nailhead fit with a mechanical fan — without stretching the rails or moving the crossmember forward. The carbs, two Holleys and a C&G, were built by Jere Jobe, Gary fabbed the headers in the shop, and the puke tank is a WWII-era 37 mm cannon shell.

The seat covers an eBay score: late-40’s Clintons, the “King of Seat Covers.” The steering wheel is an original, unrestored ’40 deluxe, the gauges are vintage S-W, and the tach is a Sun.

Okay. Let’s fire the engine, set the timing, balance the carbs, and go get some tacos.

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