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FOR SALE: Evans Super Dual Flathead Intake Manifold

by Dave on May 5, 2015


If you’re the kind of guy that found your way to our website, you probably don’t need to be told who Earl Evans was. Evans was the compete hot rodder. He designed his own speed equipment. He made his own patterns, did his own castings and then machined them himself. Using his own products, Evans assembled his own engines, then dropped them into cars which he drove to record-breaking speeds.

EvansDual_2 EvansDual_3

Evans heads and intakes were known for their quality and performance and became extremely popular with racers. A savvy marketeer, “Pappy,” as he was known to his customers, was always quick to point out that the Reg Schlemmer roadster that appeared on the cover of the first issue of Hot Rod magazine owed its dry lakes success to Evans speed equipment. It was just one of many.

EvansDual_6 EvansDual_5 EvansDual_4 EvansDual_7 EvansDual_9 EvansDual_8 EvansDual_10

This Evans Super Dual intake is rare in that it has suffered neither a modern-look bead blasting nor a pimped-out over-polish. The finish is pretty much as it left the Evans shop – with about 70 years of mellowing. The casting lines and machine work is crisp and sharp; it looks as if it’s spent most of its life on a shelf. If you’re looking for true, high-end vintage speed equipment, it doesn’t get much better.


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