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2013 Spokes & Solids

by Dave on October 18, 2013

A couple of years ago local builder Clay Slaughter decided to celebrate his birthday … big time. He and buddy Tim Edwards put together a reliability run, then capped it off with a barbecue, live music, and a body drop. They called the event Spokes & Solids, you can see photos of the cars and party here.

Fast forward a couple of years and Spokes & Solids has evolved into an event we look forward to. This year’s running started out grey, but the chill and a threat of afternoon rain didn’t dampen the turnout. Clay used the day to debut his own recently-completed roadster:
Clay's Rdstr_1

Sid McCormick bought the used flatty out of Carl Bigg’s ’42 Merc woodie, patched it up, and dropped it into his primered ’29. That’s Tony Vida’s red Deuce just behind it:


Pachi Bengochea brought his slippery little ’29 all the way over from Winnemucca. It’s a long haul, but he’s done it more than once.
Pachi Rdstr


Tony Vida’s Real-Henry roadster came into the shop a week after the event. We pulled the alternator and electric fan that were on the car when Tony bought it, and replaced them a period-appropriate mechanical fan and generator. It’s all in the details, we’ll post photos.

As far as we know, Dennis Varni’s ’39 Merc tudor was the only car at Spokes & Solids that had been north of the Arctic Circle — and we’re not talkin’ about the hamburger joint. Ivan’s Model A coupe was new to us. Neat car — and winner of the day’s Leadfoot award.Varni '39Ivan's Coupe

This year the run headed south down the coast towards Monterrey, ultimately to the hobby shop of Don Orosco. Don’s name is household in the hot rod and vintage racing worlds. His Dick Flint ’29 roadster took the blue ribbon at the first-time-ever showing of hot rods at Pebble Beach. Two years later Pebble featured coupes and Don again took top honors, this time with the Lloyd Bakan ’32 three window. Both were masterfully restored by Olle Eriksson and Jesse Cruz at Don’s Monterey Speed & Sport. (I poached these two photos from Ivan’s event post on the H.A.M.B.)

Dick Flint RoadsterLloyd Bakan Coupe

MS&S also reproduces rare and exotic vintage speed equipment. Check it out, it’s good to know these parts are available, but for most of us they’re probably destined to remain rare and exotic.

Clay’s new roadster again. That’s his Dad Basil standing beside it. Basil’s coupe is chopped, but it isn’t chopped liver. He’s a machinist and you’ve got to get in close to appreciate all the bitchen details.
Clay's Rdstr_2Basil's Coupe

Another of Don’s pastimes is vintage racing. This is just one of a number of Scarabs he owns — along with the original Scarab team transporter truck.

We know how much work it takes to put on an event like Spokes & Solids, so big props go to Clay and Tim and their families. Thanks, it was a memorable day all around.


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