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Burger Run

by Dave on January 15, 2016

Todd Anderson’s roadster was in the shop today for some post delivery dial-in. We torqued the heads, changed the oil – and raised the tail end up another inch. While seemingly insignificant, this inch was what Todd’s car needed to sit just right. To do it, Gary had to mill out a new pair of spring plates. You can see that inch in the second photo; the original plate is on top, the new one just below it.

Todd has a friend named Tony Vida who hadn’t seen Todd’s finished car, so Todd asked if he could bring him by the shop. They’d be coming over in Tony’s Deuce roadster; “a car,” Todd hinted, “that we might like to check out.” Mr. Understatement.

Todd and Tony arrived, we BS’d in the shop for a bit, then went out to the curb to see Tony’s car. Here’s what we found:
Tony’s Deuce is genuine Henry Ford. Originally built in the 1950’s, it was restored in the 70’s and somehow escaped the “modernization” many hot rods of that era were made to suffer. That it was actually restored at all is probably a testament to how well the car was originally put together. That builder would be pleased to know his roadster remains in sympathetic hands.
TonyVida2 TonyVida3
TonyVida4 TonyVida4.5

The chrome on this roadster’s underpinnings is incredibly well preserved. Obviously the shiny stuff was much more affordable in the days of bell bottoms and waterbeds. Have you priced it lately?  There’s enough here to put a kid through college.

Civilized touches include a side-shift trans and a full compliment of S-W gauges, including water temp for both heads and a clock.

The 3 5/16 x 4 inch flathead is as tidy and well-appointed as the rest of the car.
TonyVida6 TonyVida7

What else could we do on a sunny summer day in Santa Cruz? We fired up the hot rods and headed off to lunch.
TonyVida8 TonyVida9



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