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Stainless Steel Headers

by Dave on December 20, 2012


Welcome to the Snake Farm. This header project came into the shop and we thought you’d like to see how it’s going together. It took a lot of noodling on Gary’s part just to figure out how to route it – plus the customer wants the entire system fabricated in stainless, then metal finished and polished.  This is going to be one beautiful car.
Flange ToolAn order was placed for a set of flanges, collectors, bends, and straight sections — and Gary went to work. He began by making a tool to stretch the tube to fit the flanges. Sections of bends were then meticulously cut, finished and welded to form the intricate turns required to accommodate the confines of the chassis and engine bay.

He pre-polished all the parts before final welding, then painstakingly filled and ground each weld smooth.



Side One is finished. It’s now on to Side Two.

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